Our Philosophy

We operate for 26 years now and we do not have any clients*

*But we surely have a lot of friends and partners. We leave the client relationships for others. We welcome every job as new and unique. This is exactly the philosophy we are trying to follow for 26 years. That's why, we do not have clients.

Our Values

For us, the company is mainly a source of social wealth and not only of personal enrichment*

* For this reason we do invest in materials and equipment but we mostly do invest in human resources. For us, the unemployed people are not just numbers, are human beings and we are very proud that during these years of the big financial crisis, we maintained the job positions at any cost. We did not increase the frightening number of unemployment not even slightly.

Our Vision

To create and invest in new innovational products and new markets*

* To develop a modern and vertically integrated company, competitive in the Greek market but also in foreign markets. Our vision is to have employees that move on with us, who invest in the company as the company pays them back with a secure and full of potential working environment.