The company was founded in 1991 as a graphic design company, and started in a small office of 25 s.m in 36th Aristotelous Street. At the beginning, the company had not any of its own capital; but had a philosophy for life, vision and great values which stand for its hard work. At that time the company occupied 3 employees.
In 1996, KAMBILI S.A started its own printing department. By 2000, it already employed 14 people and moved in 60th Antigonis street, in Kolonos, at a four-floor building, suitable for all its business activities.
With constant observation of the market and the new technologies, the company embodied innovations in its every sector as the printing area, the graphic design and the advertising area, and eventually grew up to today’s vertically integrated company. Currently it runs a printing department, book binding department, creative and advertising department, with its own transportation means for accurate delivery of our ending products.
The company also makes efforts of improvement in modern ideas of management and marketing, with practice of policies which improve creativity and innovation, but also remains trustful to its clients and keeps the high quality of its products. The company gives priority in the high serving of their clients, with respect to their personal needs and requirements. With consistency in the delivery deadlines and low budgets, which are made possible by its vertical integration.
As a result, the company has a very important clientele, which expands well on the private sector as it does on the public sector and is characterized by long-time cooperation and bonds of trust. Its contribution is vital in the formation of the company profile, the logo, the brochures and the communication policy of their clients.
Today, KAMBILI S.A has 20 employees, who work in a solid and safe environment, and has expanded its turnover significantly from its’ founding.
As an advertising and printing company, KAMBILI S.A continues the constant upgrade and improvement of the company and its rules of operation and is certified with the quality certificate EN ISO 9001:2008 for its Management System and the quality certificate ELOT 1435:2009 for its system management competence.