Act4people & Act4children

Corporate social responsibility is not a new trend for our company. It is a philosophy and stance of life, is a conception about what business should do.
At first, the responsibility lies in protecting the company’s employees; this means respect in their personality and dignity, upholding hygiene and safety rules inside the company and constant training of the personnel.
Corporate social responsibility is firstly implemented in the company’s own core and in the relationship between the employees and the company, as wells as with the company’s social responsibilities.
 In fact our company championed, and continues for several years  now, to support actions of social solidarity in order to protect the weakest social groups of the population who are affected from hunger, unemployment and social deprivation which breeds domestic violence and abandonment.

Act 4 People is a Non-Governmental Organization, which tries to improve peoples’ living conditions. With actions against poverty, against children and women abuse, and also actions towards environmental protection. With actions and missions in order to ensure basic necessities in areas which have been affected from natural disasters or even war.  Act4People also offers its resources on a daily basis as there is urgent need, even among us, as conditions worsen.

Act 4 children is a consulting and informative Web portal which focuses in the dangers that children might face as they surf the web. With parental advising but also with an open line of communication with them, it tries to eliminate this growing phenomenon of Internet abuse, and eventually protect every kid who might be at risk.

Our company supported AVON’s campaign, against breast cancer. AVON’s mobile unit medical examination allowed for scanning medical examinations in an important number of women thus assisted, plenty of women, in a major medical issue such as the breast cancer.

We support from the very beginning and we were sponsors in a movement which we concern it as one of the most important ever emerged, that is the Citizen’s movement. With slogans as, “I am buying, dressing, eating Greek”, we support and help the domestic market of the country in order to collectively counter and hopefully overcome the economic crisis that Greece is under for the past years.